A recap of Monday night’s meeting: Public comment was likely the most interesting part of Monday’s meeting. We actually had two separate issues come up during public comment. The first few comments concerned the intersection design of the new intersection in front of the new middle school. The current design from NCDOT calls for a…Continue Reading “July Meeting Recap: Red Raiders, Transportation Concerns, and Other Issues”

The next City Council Workshop is this Monday at 4pm at Techworks. The meeting will be in-person (following applicable social distancing guidelines), but you can still watch the livestream at www.cityofbelmont.org/livemeetings -We will be considering an amendment to the current year’s budget (FY 19-20) that brings budgeted expenses/revenues in line with actual expenses/revenues -There have…Continue Reading “June Workshop: Rebranding and the Belmont Rowing Club”

We had a very productive meeting on Monday/Wednesday. Here are some of the highlights: -We received an update from the county health director on COVID-19 response. Overall, we appear to be headed in the right direction, but he stressed the importance of basic safety precautions – washing your hands, avoiding large crowds, etc. -We also…Continue Reading “2020 Budget Finalized and Other Updates”

The next budget workshop will be on Monday at 4pm. You can find the agenda and a link to the livestream here: https://cityofbelmont.civicweb.net/Portal/MeetingInformation.aspx?Org=Cal&Id=428 This will be the final workshop before the public hearing on the budget on June 1. It doesn’t sound like there have been any substantive changes to the budget proposal from what…Continue Reading “Final 2020 Budget Workshop!”

An update from this week’s City Council meeting and other goings-on:We will be having a special meeting on Monday, May 11 at 4pm to review our Stormwater Management Program. We will be reviewing the scope of the program (what it does and what it doesn’t do) and the Stormwater Capital Program for the next fiscal…Continue Reading “May Updates: Code Enforcement and Reopening Our Parks”