June Workshop: Rebranding and the Belmont Rowing Club

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The next City Council Workshop is this Monday at 4pm at Techworks. The meeting will be in-person (following applicable social distancing guidelines), but you can still watch the livestream at www.cityofbelmont.org/livemeetings

-We will be considering an amendment to the current year’s budget (FY 19-20) that brings budgeted expenses/revenues in line with actual expenses/revenues

-There have also been some changes to the site plan and operating agreement for the Rowing Park being built in partnership with the Belmont Rowing Club. So, we will be reviewing those changes.

-We will also view a presentation on the community rebranding project that has been ongoing for the last several months and review a new proposed logo (to be used in conjunction with the existing city seal).

-There are also a number of contracts to review, including a lease agreement with the Montcross Chamber in City Hall and a design services contract for the new Abbey Creek Greenway.

You can find a copy of the agenda here: https://cityofbelmont.civicweb.net/Portal/MeetingInformation.aspx?Org=Cal&Id=429

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